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What is the definition of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is defined as radiant heat and light from the sun harnessed for use as an energy source. When the sun is shining, solar energy is being produced as it sends the heat radiating to the earth. You can find solar energy anywhere. There are many ways that you can use the sunlight in order to provide heat during the cold, which is what millions of people have done throughout the years. It started thousands of years ago when people where able to use a thick lens or magnifying glass on an object that would attract the sun rays on that particular object, and could get so hot it would catch fire. This gave a new prospective on how strong the heat from the sun really was.

The problem with capturing the suns heat is the fact that when it reaches the earth’s surface, it does not go to one particular spot. It is spread evenly over the earth, where the sunlight is able to reach. When this happens, you may find it difficult to heat something using only the sunlight. Although the area or object may be hot if left in the sun too long, it will not reach the full heating potential of the sun’s light.

In order to use the heat efficiently to heat a room after the sun goes down, or when the sun is unable to shine because of clouds, you will need to use a source that will attract the heat to one particular area. This source is called a solar collector. The solar collector allows the sun to pass through the source and into the space. The objects in the space absorb and hold the heat from the sunlight and trap it so it will not get back out. Glass is a great solar collector because it allows the sun to pass through it and leaves the space under the glass to become warm or hot from the heat. The objects in the space help to hold the heat so that the space will stay warmer longer. This allows the area to be heated using solar power indirectly. Concrete and rocks are also good solar collectors.

Passive solar collector glass

Because glass is a natural solar collector it makes it ideal to put into a greenhouse or a sun room. The glass attracts the sunlight and traps the heat inside, so that they temperature in the greenhouse or sun room remain warm even at night when the temperature outside may be cold.

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